Bing Daily Wallpaper on Windows

This app is a better Windows App alternative to the classic Microsoft Bing Desktop program. Its main features include but not limited to:

  • Express UI
  • Collection of daily pictures of 11 countries
  • Intelligent background download engine

Bing Daily Wallpaper on MacOS

MacOS App Store version of the classic Microsoft Bing Desktop program. In addition to the features of its Windows App Store edition, it also supports setting wallpaper on multiple monitors.

SQLite Names Extractor

SQLite Names Extractor is a small tool for developers. It extracts SQLite table and field names, and generates C/C++/Objective-C #define constants. This way developers won't have to do a lot of tedious and repetitive typing.

Bash Prompt Designer

Bash Prompt Designer is a WYSIWYG editor for designing Bash prompt script. It provides common tools to design colors and styles that are applicable to Bash prompt. The generated script is applicable to most Bash implementations found both in macOS and various Linux distros.